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Рентген аппарат HF-525 Plus


The HF-525PLUS is an affordable and dependable general radiographic system designed for flexibility and friendly use in all general radiographic procedures, it can also be custom-configured to your specific clinical requirements, including chest, spine, complete skeletal, abdominal, urological and tomography studies.


  • 1. Different type of high performance generator based on its own high frequency technology.
  • 2. The 4 ways table is smooth, and effortless to float, and consisted with heavy-duty structure.
  • 3.With Fully counter-balanced, the floor mounted tube stand can travel along with the rail, and rotate 360 degree for any axial projections.
  • 4. Wall bucky stand with electromagnetic lock for easy positioning.
  • 5. User-friendly flat surface control panel
  • 6. Anatomical programming (APR) by morphology, view and body part (Reprogrammable APR)
  • 7. Modular design that saving space to fit into virtually any clinical environment